WIMRA On-Line Dues Payment

You may pay your annual dues for membership online using PayPal. There are now three options: (a) One Year for 15 Euros (b) Three Years for 40 Euros (c) Three Years plus Donation - 40 Euros for Dues plus 60 Euros to further support WIMRA. Choose the option you would prefer and click the "Buy Now" button below. This will take you to a secure PayPal Site. You will be given the opportunity to pay your dues by either Credit Card or PayPal. This is a secure site. The information submitted is protected using SSL encryption.

WIMRA Dues (Choose option):

If you do not wish to submit this application online, you may mail the completed application with a check (in US Dollars) for the dues to the WIMRA office. Click here to download an application in PDF format that you can mail to WIMRA, 15 Margarita Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901-2325 USA.